ShellShocked Outdoors has been blessed with success in just a little less than ten years. Our website is rapidly approaching 780,000 visitors. We strive to keep interesting and exciting information, along with constant updates and upcoming events on our website.

Currently, our sixty-two videos on YouTube have received over 2,750,000 visitors. Our radio show, Spirit of the Outdoors, is on seventy-two stations and fifteen web radio outlets and apps that blanket Canada and the United States. We are on the air 118 times a week.

Our radio show has a listening base of over 4,500,000 people each week, and is growing by leaps and bounds.

We have come a long way since our first month of operation and those initial 300 hits to our website and 5,000 initial listeners to our radio show. Only the Good Lord knows what is in store for the future of ShellShocked Outdoors.

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